Rare celestial event in skies above Brunei

James Kon

Stargazers will witness a rare Great Conjunction event where Jupiter and Saturn will appear closest since 1623 CE.

According to the Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam (PABD), the celestial event is viewable from Brunei.

A Great Conjunction happens every 20 years and it is rare that both gas giants can be seen in the field of view of a telescope and binoculars.

Notable dates during the Great Conjunction of 2020 are December 16-17 when the crescent moon passes the planets and December 21 when Saturn and Jupiter will appear closest to each other.

The planets will only be 0.1° apart and the next notable occurrence will be March 15, 2080.

Jupiter and Saturn seen from Kampong Keriam on December 9. PHOTO: HAZARRY BIN HAJI ALI AHMAD