Raising standards of tour guides in Belait

Aziz Idris

Twelve participants of the first Local Tourist Guide Basic Course received certificates during a ceremony at the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) yesterday.

Permanent Secretary at the MPRT Hajah Tutiaty binti Haji Abdul Wahab presented the certificates.

The course, held from October 26 to November 9, was open to tour guides from Kampong Teraja and Kampong Mendaram in Mukim Labi, Belait District.

Participants were introduced to basic practical skills and techniques in tour guiding, as well as a briefing on main tourist destinations and places of interests.

The course aimed at increasing the tour guides’ skills in providing quality services, ensuring information provided by tour guides is accurate, and open up generating for employment among youth.Participants also took part in a first aid course.

The course was organised in collaboration with the Tourism Board and the Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE).

Theoretical training was held at IBTE while practical training was conducted at Wasai Teraja and Wasai Wong Kadir, the main tourist attractions of the villages.

The Tourism Board will hold discussions with village consultative councils and district offices to identify places of interest, especially areas often visited by tourists.

The initiative will be extended to other districts with the Temburong District being the next focus.

Those who pass the Local Tourist Guide Basic Course are required to submit an application to the Tourism Board to be registered as local tour guides.

Permanent Secretary at the MPRT Hajah Tutiaty binti Haji Abdul Wahab with participants of the course. PHOTO: MPRT