Qur’an 3.0 Interpretation Series programme goes online every Wednesday

Azlan Othman

The Da’ie Youth Volunteer Body, with support from the Youth Religious Programme of the Islamic Da’wah Centre, has implemented the Qur’an 3.0 Interpretation Series programme titled ‘Features of Ibaadurrahman’ excerpt of Al-Furqan verses 63-77, delivered by Associate Professor Ustaz Dr Haji Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi.

It was recently presented online on the Daiie Youth’s official Instagram and Facebook accounts. This move supports the Brunei Government’s commitment to maintaining physical distancing, in view of COVID-19 outbreak.

The programme aims to encourage the public to study Al-Quran interpretation and deepen the understanding of Al-Quran (or its Arabic term, Tadabbur). The programme also aims to bring Ramadhan to life with an al-Quran gathering and a follow-up programme for Da’wah Academy alumni.

Among the contents is the word Ibadurrahman – which is divided into two, namely Servants and Ar-Rahman.

Ar-Rahman (A Character of Allah: Most Merciful): A very gentle call to His servants for listeners to feel at ease and closer to Allah the Almighty.

He further explained in detail the 13 qualities or characteristics of the servant of Ar-Rahman as well as the stories that can be practised and exemplified in our daily lives. The full text of the lecture can be found on the Da’ie Youth official Facebook page.

The programme runs every Wednesday throughout the month of Ramadhan with accredited speakers. The public is invited to follow the official Da’ie Youth Instagram (@beliadaie) and Facebook (Belait Da’ie Brunei) Facebook accounts.

Associate Professor Ustaz Dr Haji Abdurrahman Raden Aji Haqqi. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN