Quick cleaning steam appliance

THE steam cleaner SC 3 EasyFix of Kärcher heats up in only 30 seconds and steam is available at a pressure of 3.5-bar. The appliance therefore provides extremely clean results. It removes 99.99 per cent of all common household bacteria, as a scientific study confirms.

The SC 3 EasyFix is not only suitable for quick cleaning in between, but also for the weekly cleaning session. It is possible to work without interruptions, as water can be refilled at any time. The appliance notifies automatically that the water level is low. A descaler cartridge filters the water before it enters the heating system and makes regular decalcifying superfluous. If the cartridge needs to be replaced, the steam cleaner display indicates this.

The SC 3 EasyFix is a real all-round talent due to the accessories supplied with it. In addition to the EasyFix floor nozzle, a microfibre floor cloth, a hand nozzle with microfibre cover, a small round brush, a detail nozzle and a descaler cartridge are included.

Microfibre cloths can be attached with Velcro to the floor nozzle for cleaning. A label on the long side of the cloth makes it possible to change it using your foot without coming into contact with the dirt.

SC 3 EasyFix of Kärcher