Questionable handicap parking zone at department store

I would like to highlight the lack of discernible space difference between the car park for the disabled and that of the abled at a department store in Bunut.

It appears that the management just decided to designate a row of three parking spots for handicap parking without taking accessibility into consideration.

More often than not, I would see a car parked in the middle of the three spots to make room for the wheelchair or mobility impaired person to get through. I can understand that as it is near impossible to open the door wide enough if all three spots are filled at the same time.

I recently requested for the operation manager to consider making the area more accessible to mobility impaired individuals. Instead he suggested that I dropped off my old folks near the elevator first before parking the car.

By his advice, I would have to hold up the traffic as well as leaving them unattended while I went in search of a parking spot in the abled area.

I believe there should be standard rules when it comes to handicap parking, and that all businesses have the responsibility of making sure their establishments are accessible to all walks of life.

Bunga Simpur