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Quality produce in Brunei market

James Kon

With its advancement on research in producing high quality agricultural products, Taiwan continues to produce a variety of high quality fruits available all year-round.

Since 2019, S&W Enterprise, a locally owned distribution company has been importing various top fruits air flown from only the best farms from Taiwan.

Founder of S&W Enterprise Willyn Sim during an interview said, “When I first started this business, many people did not believe that this could be a successful venture. Fortunately, my customer base continues to grow.”

She recalled, “I wanted to bring in more top quality fruits into Brunei and the former Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brunei Darussalam Andrew Lee provided valuable advice to bring top grade fruits into the Brunei’s market.”

She added, “Numerous high grade Taiwan fruits are exported to Japan, which is very strict on import regulations and guidelines. This has proven that fruits from Taiwan are of high quality and safe for consumption.”

Some of the fruits from Taiwan available at S&W Enterprise include the creamy and sweet custard apple known as Sek Kia.

Another popular fruits is Irwin Mango, known in the making of the famous mango shaved ice.
Another must haves are watermelons, pineapples, papayas, murcot mandarins, guava, and passionfruits from Taiwan.

Taiwan produces TWD60 billion worth of fruits each year.

Currently, S&W enterprise has supplied its fruits to 10 department stores in the country.

The custard apple; and Irwin Mango. PHOTOS: JAMES KON