Put people’s comfort first

I would like to bring attention to the experience of being quarantined at a designated hotel to stem the tide of COVID-19.

Imagine going through the most anxiety-filled flight of your life, knowing that in a few days, you could well be part of the COVID-19 statistics.

On arrival, all I wanted was to call my parents and have them let out a sigh of relief that their son had arrived safely.

Instead, the Wi-Fi signal in my room was non-existent. Desperate, I resorted to using hotspot from my phone. In the end, I managed to burn through BND400 from data top-ups alone.

Quarantine can take the toll on anyone. I felt I was forced between a rock and a hard place, and had to trade money for sanity. Sadly, the same can’t be said about those in my position – hotel with weak connectivity – who may have no choice but to endure the distress that comes with being isolated from the world.

On the tenth day, I was scheduled for my swab test. What frightened me wasn’t that I may test positive for the coronavirus; but the very lax way the staff seemed to take the standard operating procedures.

On returning to the hotel, the manager tried to squeeze all of us into an elevator meant for four people. Where was the social and physical distancing? I appealed to the manager only to receive scoffs and eye-rolls.

The authorities have done an amazing job keeping a lid on the COVID-19 outbreak. Can you imagine their efforts being squandered by a few bad apples?

Mr S