Public warned not to touch jellyfish on Terengganu beach

KUALA TERENGGANU (BERNAMA) – The public is advised not to touch, hold or keep the Velella velella jellyfish, or ‘by-the-wind sailor’, stranded on the beaches of Terengganu.

State Fisheries Department Director Zawawi Ali said the blue marine life might not be dangerous to adults but could cause itchiness in children.

‘’Normally, the jellyfish float out at sea. They could have been driven by strong winds and waves and beached at Pandak Beach in Chendering, Teluk Ketapang Beach (Kuala Nerus) and Rhu Muda Beach (Marang). ’The public should inform the nearest Fisheries Department or the local authorities (PBT) for further action if they chance upon any species of jellyfish,’’ he said in a statement yesterday.

He said the department had requested the PBT to put up sign boards reminding beachgoers against touching the jellyfish.

‘’It has a beautiful colour and may pique the interest of individuals especially children to take a look and touch it as they don’t realise the risk.

Velella velella jellyfish or ‘by-the-wind sailor’. PHOTO: BERNAMA