Public urged to put road safety first at Bandarku Ceria

Azlan Othman

Visitors and vendors of Bandarku Ceria (BKC), including cyclists and motorists, must comply with the instructions set by the authorities to ensure road safety.

This was said by Acting Director of Traffic Control and Investigation at the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) Senior Superintendent Pengiran Haji Abdul Salam bin Pengiran Haji Abdul Ghani yesterday during an announcement that the BKC has been expanded to include Jalan Menteri Besar, Jalan Pusat Persidangan, Jalan Stadium and the roundabout near Prime Minister’s Office.

Members of the public are urged to follow the rules set by the BKC Committee, including not exceeding the time allocated for each leisure activity, and cyclists, joggers and pedestrians to avoid routes designated for vehicles.

Senior Superintendent Pengiran Haji Abdul Salam said children must be supervised by adults who will ensure these children stay within the area dedicated to leisure activities.

The public is also reminded to make the trip early to avoid traffic congestion, while motorists who pass the road in the Bandarku Ceria vicinity must adhere to the speed limit, especially in roundabouts and junctions.

During foggy conditions, drivers are advised to turn on the headlights for better visibility of the roads, and follow the instructions of police personnel on duty that direct traffic and detours.

Members of the public are also called on to exercise tolerance and show respect to fellow visitors, while drivers must practise vigilance when driving in the BKC zone.

Vendors are also refrained from setting up stalls at roadsides, while visitors are reminded to park their vehicles at or along reserved or permitted routes to avoid causing obstruction to the passages for motorists.

Senior Superintendent Pengiran Haji Abdul Salam also called on road users to comply with the rules under Chapter 68 of the Road Traffic Act, and understand that roads or intersections lined with traffic cones are strictly prohibited to motorists.