Public transport system needs to be friendly to senior citizens

I am writing to respond to Grumpy Dad’s letter, ‘Call for medical assessment of senior drivers’, published in the Opinion page on April 24. I agree with the writer on the deteriorating abilities of senior citizens, thus a need to put them through tests to ensure they are fit to drive.

However, as a Bruneian, I’m also aware of the abysmal public transport system, which would limit their mobility should such a restriction be placed on them. More often than not, we have trouble finding out the available bus routes, let alone plan out our day around the bus schedules.

Furthermore, most bus stops are not passenger-friendly; with some just a pole and a sign submerged in mud and tall grass. Imagine allowing our elderly to wait for the bus with no roof to shield them from weather elements, such as scorching hot sun and rain.

My suggestion is for the authorities to first put in place a proper public transport system, with bus stands that come equipped with shelters and seats, before considering medical assessment for senior drivers.

Soon-To-Be Mum