Public parks: Accident waiting to happen

I would like to appeal to the authorities to look into maintaining public parks with heavy foot traffic such as Tasek Lama Recreational Park and Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Silver Jubilee Park.

Tasek Lama is a popular destination for health enthusiasts looking to join a morning tai chi or aerobics class, especially on the wooden walkways.

However, the lack of maintenance has resulted in damaged structures that may collapse at any given day. The alternative would be to use the road outside the park for group workout. But that would defeat the purpose of visiting a recreational park.

The Silver Jubilee Park seems to face a similar fate. It is frequented by families with small children, which means the playground is a hot spot for visitors. However, the flooring of the facility has now deteriorated to the point of requiring major repair works.

I hope the authorities would begin repair works at these parks before someone gets seriously hurt.

Fitness Nut