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PSR results show improvement

The Ministry of Education, through the Department of Examinations, released the Primary School Assessment (PSR) 2021 results yesterday.

To prevent further transmission of COVID-19, this is the first time that PSR adopts an alternative mean of assessing student performance – school assessed marks (SAM). The students are assessed based on marks attained in their assignments throughout the school year using school based assessment.

Of 5,997 candidates who sat for this examination, 4,162 (69.4 per cent) are government school candidates and 1,835 (30.59 per cent) are private school candidates. Out of these, 5,239 (87.36 per cent) candidates have obtained Grade A-D in all five subjects in PSR compared to 5,297 (86.96 per cent) candidates in 2020.

Meanwhile, 4,553 candidates (75.92 per cent) obtained Grade A-C in five subjects. This is an increase from the 2020 candidates’ achievement of 4,515 (74.13 per cent).

Some 42 schools achieved 100 per cent of Grade A-D results for all five subjects including 25 government schools. For Grades A-C, 22 schools achieved 100 per cent results for all five subjects, of which 14 are government schools.

The number of government school candidates who obtained Grade A-C in five subjects is 2,984 (71.70 per cent) while the achievement of Grade A-C for private school candidates is 1,569 (85.50 per cent).

A total of 1,229 candidates (20.49 per cent) obtained Grade A in all five subjects. Out of that figure, 651 candidates are government school candidates. Some 1,058 (86.08 per cent) candidates out of 1,229 candidates who obtained five Grade A are Bruneians.

Meanwhile, the achievement of candidates who obtained four Grade As and one Grade B was 567 (70.00 per cent) out of the 810 candidates were from government schools.

The subjects that achieved more than 90 per cent in Grades A-D are Malay Islamic Monarchy (98.87 per cent), Bahasa Melayu (97.65 per cent), English Language (95.80 per cent) and Science (95.68 per cent). Attainment for Mathematics is 88.83 per cent. As for Grades A-C, the percentage of candidates who achieved Grade A-C for Malay Islamic Monarchy is 97.85 per cent, Bahasa Melayu 94.83 per cent, English Language 90.41 per cent, Science 91.18 per cent and Mathematics 78.71 per cent.

In terms of the quality of achievements of the candidates who obtained Grade A for each subject, the total percentage as a whole is Malay Islamic Monarchy 81.34 per cent, Bahasa Melayu 60.20 per cent, Science 51.86 per cent, English Language 39.75 per cent, Mathematics 35.02 per cent.

Students may collect their result slips at their schools and private candidates can collect theirs from the Examinations Department during office hours.