PSR exam results released

The Ministry of Education through the Examinations Department released the 2020 Primary School Assessment (PSR) Examination results yesterday.

Out of the 6,091 candidates, 5,297 candidates or 86.96 per cent obtained A-D grades for all five subjects compared to 5,056 candidates out of 5,741 or 88.07 per cent in 2019, said the department.

A total of 4,495 candidates or 73.80 per cent obtained A-C grades in all five subjects compared to 4,256 candidates out of 5,741 or 74.13 per cent in 2019 A total of 15 schools achieved 100 per cent Grade A-C results for all five subjects, comprising eight government schools and seven private schools. Meanwhile, 49 government schools showed an increase of 0.22 per cent to 53.64 per cent, while seven schools achieved similar results to last year.

A total of 24 government schools achieved 80 per cent and above in Grade A-C for all five subjects.

Some 29 schools achieved 100 per cent of A-D grades for all five subjects including 15 government schools. The achievement of candidates who obtained A-C grades for all five subjects among government school candidates reached 68.44 per cent with 2,912 candidates out of 4,255 candidates.

A total of 1,321 candidates or 21.69 per cent achieved excellent results with Grade A in five subjects compared to 891 candidates or 15.52 per cent in 2019, an increase of 6.17 per cent. Out of these, 668 are government school candidates.

Students can collect their result slips at their schools. For private candidates, result slips can be collected at the Examinations Department during office hours.