PSC considers academic qualifications, work experience as long as applicants fulfil minimum eligibility

THE Office of the Public Service Commission (PSC) refers to the letter ‘Is work experience taken into account in PSC shortlisting process?’ by HMY published in the Opinion Page of the Borneo Bulletin on May 1, 2019.

PSC would like to thank the writer and appreciates his/her comments pertaining to the matter.

In response to the writer’s question whether PSC looks into an applicant’s work experience when shortlisting, PSC equally considers both applicants’ academic qualifications and work experience on the condition that applicants must fulfil the minimum eligibility stated in the job advertisement (Skim Iklan).

Specific academic qualifications and work experience as well as the duties and responsibilities are defined in the Skim Iklan.

It is important to note that some Skim Iklan may specify both requirements (academic qualification AND work experience) as the minimum eligibility to qualify for a position.

In the first instance, the Skim Iklan will state the required academic qualifications level with the specific disciplines.

Both conditions (level and discipline) must be met for applicants to be shortlisted.

In the second instance, the work experience requirement stated in the Skim Iklan only refers to work experience gained while working as civil servants in a specified salary scale position within the Civil Service.

Nonetheless, work experience gained in the private sector could be an advantage during interviews where candidates are assessed based on their competencies.

Addressing the writer’s account for not being shortlisted for a position as a Protocol Officer, PSC would like to invite the writer to the Office of the PSC building during office hours to allow PSC to provide further clarification to the writer.

For inquiries or matters relating to PSC recruitment process, the public can contact PSC help desk by email at or visit PSC Recruitment website to get the latest information and guidelines.

– Public Service Commission