Provide room for youth to develop creativity, innovation: Syed Saddiq

MUAR (Bernama) – Youth must be given as much space as possible to expand their creativity and innovations in the effort to mould this group into becoming an important asset for national development, said Malaysia’s Youth and Sport Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

He said youth formed a large social group in the country, as such other than academic development, the development of creativity and innovation among youth should not be forgotten.

He said as the minister responsible for youth and the Member of Parliament for Muar, he was endeavouring to provide place and space to youth to expand their creativity and innovation in the town of Muar renowned for its heritage value and history.

“In the past, the town of Muar was known as a town for the retired, but I want to turn it into a town for the young,’’ he told reporters after launching the ‘Bando Muo’ Youth Festival in Tanjung Emas yesterday.

The two-day festival highlights numerous events to pique the interest of youth in the creative and innovative fields such as career workshop, e-sport competition, music festival and brain-storming session with Datuk M Nasir.

Syed Saddiq said the effort to provide place and space for creative and innovative youth was important in developing the socio-economic level in areas like the town of Muar and subsequently provide numerous opportunities like jobs to the group. He said the move was also important to prevent a migration of youth from the town of Muar, and other towns like it nationwide, which would be a loss to efforts to develop the area.

He said, “I want them (youth) to stay in Muar. The youth I see have a very high Muar spirit but due to lack of opportunities they will migrate to big cities.

“I want to ensure Muar has many opportunities for the young and when we have successfully done it in Muar, I see no reason why we cannot do it in other places in the country as well.”

Malaysia’s Youth and Sport Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. – BERNAMA