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Promoting astronomy through observation, sharing

James Kon

The Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam (PABD) continued to engage with the local community by organising Darksky Observation activities in Kampong Melilas recently.

Apart from observation, the association also carried out charity work by presenting donations at Julangan Titah Rumah Panjang Melilas.

According to PABD, the contribution was presented by PABD Secretary General Hazzary Ali Ahmad with PABD members Loo Kuan Look and Mohammad Husaini bin Ali Hassan as regular executive members of the association.

The donation in the form of basic necessities were handed over to a representative of the longhouse, Haji Mohd Yassin bin Abdul Rahim, who distributed it to residents of Julangan Titah Rumah Panjang.

The visit to Kampong Melilas aimed to make an astrophoto, which is a milky way observation and to study the dark skies not exposed to lights at night.

PABD will continue to promote and develop the field of astronomy, especially Islamic astronomy (Syarie astronomy) in the Sultanate, and develop tourism activities such as Wonders of the Night Sky with the support and cooperation from the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

A dark sky pictured during the observation. PHOTO: PABD

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