Promoting Al-Quran literacy in Brunei and internationally

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

HAJI Muhammad Loqman Al-Hakim bin Haji Hamdan, a young entrepreneur and a dedicated philanthropist is a man with a mission.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Al-Huffaz Management Haji Muhammad Loqman said his wish was to generate more people in society who are literate in Al-Quran and he believes that his company can help him achieve that.

He also hoped that more graduates will join him to help bring the teachings of Al-Quran into the homes of the people, and he said that he will also help to bring knowledge of Islam to non-Muslims to promote that Islam is a religion of peace.

At the same time, his company will also assist in bringing down the rate of unemployment in this country by employing more graduates in his company.

“I wish for all the Muslim population in Brunei to have the ability to read Al Quran,” he said with determination in his voice.

Founder of Al-Huffaz Management Haji Muhammad Loqman Al-Hakim bin Haji Hamdan. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

There are two packages with different price ranges incorporated in the Al-Huffaz Management.

The packages are divided into one for Al-Quran teaching at the homes of students, and the other is where Al-Quran is taught at the residence of the teacher.

He explained that he wants his company to be a global company to educate people around the world in Al-Quran, and hopefully more non-Muslims will have a better understanding of Islam.

In essence, Al-Huffaz Management is a platform of Islamic religious services, with the core activity of the company is to match Al-Quran educators with students who wish to learn Al-Quran.

Currently Al-Huffaz Management has more than a hundred skilled educators who are highly qualified and licensed to teach Al-Quran as they are endorsed by the Brunei Islamic Religious Council.

More than 500 students from the age of two to 85 years all across Brunei, Australia and the United Kingdom have subscribed to the services provided by Al-Huffaz Management.

The business foundation of Al-Huffaz Management is to cater to the public the Islamic teaching services, mainly classes at private homes or any preferred place for instance mosque for four times a month.

One of many advantages of Al-Huffaz Management is the fluidity and flexibility of location and time as well as the age and gender of both educators and the students, whereas one can choose the preferred educators as well as time and location depending on one’s availability.

Most of the Al-Quran educators have religious background from local and foreign universities.