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Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Thursday, July 7, 2022
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    Promoting a healthy lifestyle through yoga

    NEW Year begins with many resolutions being made for a healthy start.

    As Brunei moves towards promoting healthy and active lifestyles, I would recommend that everyone ,even those who are considered senior citizens, should try yoga as it is gentle than high-impact exercises.

    For the past two years, I made a commitment to lose some weight and be fit again. So I started going to the gym.

    I managed to lose a few pounds within six months by joining various types of classes and working out using the wide selection of exercise machines, from running to climbing etc.

    Most of my gym time focussed on cardio and weights. I got injured few times and had to rest for few weeks at a time.

    My husband told me to take everything at a slower pace. So I decided to take it slow by joining yoga.

    So, for the first time ever, I decided to join yoga classes for the experience.I thought to myself, “Let’s see what yoga is about other than those non-sweaty poses that everyone can easily do”.

    The yoga terms used were unfamiliar and my movements were uncoordinated.

    I was struggling to keep up with the rest. My flexibility was poor.

    My body was stiff and tight. I could hardly follow them. It wasn’t just about making pretty poses.

    However, our yoga instructor was so convincing when she told me that one day I will be good at it, as long as I keep practising.

    She also said that I will see what yoga can do for my body with the correct breathing technique.

    I kept attending her classes and continued to challenge myself.

    It took time to be good at certain poses and to be familiar with the terms used.

    It took around three months for me to adapt.

    There are different types of yoga that help improve your body in different ways.

    I joined each of the types available in my gym and I attended diligently.

    After many months, I improved a lot and my performance is better than before.

    Combining yoga with my usual workout routine works very well.

    I have noticed that yoga has increased my flexibility.

    The breathing technique taught in class is also so important in yoga.

    One of my yoga instructors said that breathing helps in the healing process.

    I also found that I can do cardio and weight training better than before.

    My posture has improved too.

    Plus, I noticed that I don’t get injured that easily as I did before.

    I shared my experience with a friend of mine.

    She was advised the same thing by a health practitioner after she suffered with some tightness of her lower limbs.

    She reminded me of myself before I tried yoga.

    I hope others will start to practice yoga as this can help our country become a healthier and active nation.


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