Project Tholabul Ilmi aids students with online learning

Daniel Lim

The Belait Youth Association (PEMBELA) recently handed out aid to students whose schooling has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sungai Liang Primary School and Sungai Tali Primary School served as collection points for students to receive their mobile top-up credits and electronic tablets to help enable them with learning at home.

The handover is part of the ongoing project called Tholabul Ilmi, which held its first phase from April 18 to May 18.

PEMBELA President Atikah Rumaizah binti Dr Haji Harun said the project is currently in its second phase, held from June 5 to July 31, where they will deliver Home Learning Packs (HLP) to the students’ homes.

She said the issues faced by the students include the inability to receive their HLPs due to lack of transportation or living in a remote area, financial circumstances causing students learn only at night with their parents’ or guardians’ smartphones and limited Internet access.

“We also put school work into a memory card, which can be viewed in areas where the Internet signal may be weak,” she added.

Some 60 students from 39 families benefitted from the project, with the majority residing in the Lumut-Liang and Seria areas, while some reside in the rural areas of the Belait District.

A parent receives a donation from PEMBELA. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM