Progresif wins award for ‘Best Brand Campaign’

PROGRESIF has reached new heights by winning the ‘Best Brand Campaign’ award for the second time at the Asia Communications Awards (ACA) 2018 in Singapore.

Progresif took home the award with its ‘Radio will never be the same again’ campaign, the tagline that launched Progresif Radio and pushed the company further ahead with its reputation for innovation and constant improvement.

Progresif Radio is an innovative app-based radio station combining live shows, news, talk segments and on demand content including music libraries and podcasts into one single package for avid listeners of Bruneian content both locally and abroad.

The app follows the global trends of Internet radio and online streaming, an industry disruption and a trend which gives greater control of content consumption to the listeners. The launch of Progresif Radio has also greatly contributed to the exponential growth of the Progresif brand and has allowed the company to generate revenue from new sources, positioning it beyond the traditional definitions of a telecommunications company.

The app plays a key role in driving Progresif’s overall content strategy and media channels consisting of Progresif Magazine, Progresif Blog and website, and social media – all of which were shortlisted for the ACA’s Digital Lifestyle Award.

Progresif Chief Marketing Officer Devin Edwards with the Progresif team posing with the awards trophy in a group photo at the Asia Communications Awards (ACA) 2018 in Singapore. – PROGRESIF

Progresif Chief Marketing Officer Devin Edwards said the success of Progresif Radio was the result of constant innovation, community collaboration and hard work.

“We’ve received overwhelming support from the local community since the launch of Progresif Radio. In just a few months, we’ve been able to assemble an impressive array of programmes from interviews, live lounge shows, comedy skits and news, by collaborating with talented Bruneians,” he said.

He added, “We’re deeply grateful to have received an enormous amount of support for Progresif Radio from listeners and content creators which empowered us to be able to build a radio station that has become a platform for many Bruneians to showcase their talents to the world. Thank you to everyone that has voted for our way of doing business by becoming part of the Progresif movement.”

The ACA was launched in 2011 to recognise the outstanding performance and innovation of leading Asian carriers, service providers, operators and vendors.