Progresif unveils innovative OnePlan

Danial Norjidi

Progresif officially unveiled its much anticipated mobile and home broadband packages during a press conference yesterday morning.

“Good things come to those who wait” – that’s the sentiment Progresif CEO Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Jaafar shared with partners and media at the launch of their new OnePlan during the press conference at their headquarters.

Progresif revealed an offering called the OnePlan.

Described as “simple, innovative and unlike any other plan on the market”, Hajah Nurul Haniah confidently presented a one-size-fits-all plan for mobile and home broadband that gives all users the same starting package of 1GB data with unlimited talk and text for only BND10 for mobile users, and a 100GB data starting point for BND40 for home broadband subscribers.

Consumers will also have the option of bundling their personal mobile and home broadband subscriptions together within the same OneBundle.

Progresif CEO Hajah Nurul Haniah binti Haji Jaafar in a group photo with other officials. PHOTO: DANIAL NORJIDI

Progresif also made sure to incentivise family subscriptions with their One Family Bundle, an enterprising effort to keep whole families connected whether at home or on the move.

The One Family Bundle gives 10GB of shared mobile data including up to five lines, and 100GB of home broadband data for only BND100, with free installation included in the deal as well as free Progresif Media subscription in the near future. For both mobile and home broadband, users have the choice of easily adding on data at any point, at a price of BND10 per 5GB on mobile, and BND10 per 100GB on home broadband.

“What Progresif’s OnePlan gives you is complete control of your spending in a way that is flexible and transparent,” said Hajah Nurul Haniah. “You only pay for the data you use, data you haven’t used gets carried over to the next month, and your line won’t be throttled. We believe this is big progress for the consumer.”

Throughout the launch event, Progresif conveyed the message that they have, and always will, strive to be more than a mobile operator.

In demonstration of this, Progresif revealed that in five years of operation, their CSR initiatives have supported 255 NGO events, empowered 80 startups, and enabled over 200 creative artists to showcase their talent.

“Moving forward, we have made a pledge to give back one per cent of revenue to the community through support of Arts and Culture, Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship, which simply means that by subscribing to Progresif services, customers will progress with the country,” added the CEO.