Progresif Radio app now available for download

PROGRESIF Cellular Sdn Bhd yes-terday announced the release of the Progresif Radio app, bringing fresh innovation into Brunei’s radio and music industry by combining the best of live streaming and on-demand content on Progresif’s new mobile platform.

Progresif Radio builds on the global trajectory of internet radio and online streaming, an industry disruption which trends toward giving control of content to the listener.

The Progresif Radio app design represents the next evolution of radio with its intuitive user-interface enabling listeners to have the freedom to listen to their content of choice whether Live streaming or on Demand.

In the app, listeners can listen to specially curated playlists, vote for their favourite songs and use the ‘Open Mic’ function to leave the Progresif Radio team voice notes, giving them a platform for their voice to be heard on air.

The app also allows listeners to “tune” into their favourite radio stations in Asean or other parts of the world.

Missing a radio show will be a thing of that past with the ‘Catch-Up’ radio library which gives listeners a chance to listen to programmes after the live sessions have been aired.

Devin Edwards, Chief Mar-keting Officer at Progresif, said that the investment into Progresif Radio falls in line with the company’s ongoing support for Brunei’s creative industry and opens a greater opportunity for local content development and distribution.

The app is now available for download on both iOS and Android platforms and the first live broadcast is scheduled at 8am on November 13. For more information, visit

Progresif Radio will be going live on November 13