Programme aims to help prison inmates

|     Izah Azahari     |

A TRAINING, internship and work placement briefing programme for inmates in the pre-release stage was held recently at the Women’s Prison Institution.

The briefing was delivered by representatives from the Brunei Darussalam Aftercare Committee (PROTEM), RH Amanina, Riza Group and Seantaro Services which collaborated in the Aftercare Programme.

With such collaboration, participants would have training and work placement opportunities in appropriate business fields or sectors once they reintegrate into the community.

The short-term target of the programme was to give them a source of income to fulfil their basic necessities, as well as to teach them to be independent, contribute to the economy and live in harmony with the community.

The programme was jointly organised by the Reintegration Division, institutions under the Prisons Department and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Representatives of the organisations involved in the programme in a group photo at the Women’s Prison Institution. – WOMEN’S PRISON INSTITUTION