More prizes await Aspirasi 2 Rewards Campaign winners

Rokiah Mahmud

A year ago, Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) introduced its very first BIBD Aspirasi Rewards Campaign to support the objectives of Brunei’s national vision and Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam (AMBD) with an easily accessible national savings plan where customers can apply via BIBD Mobile, online or by visiting BIBD’s branch counters.

At The Empire Brunei yesterday, a press conference was held to announce the commencement of BIBD Aspirasi 2 Rewards Campaign.

Head of Liabilities and Wealth Management Products, Retail Banking Group Wan Hefnie bin Haji Hamidon explained that it is BIBD’s long-term objective to ensure that customers continue to save and aim for financial independence.

“We want customers to continue on saving with us, and the reward prizes are our form of rewarding customers,” he said. “We have seen many of our winners from all walks of life with varying aspirations of performing the Haj and Umrah, providing funds for their children’s education and future retirement fund.

“We listened to our customers’ feedback in lowering the minimum initial deposit to BND250 and increasing the maximum deposit to BND200,000.” Aspirasi 2 will be providing more chances to win prizes, particularly for long-term subscribers. There will be a total of 441 winners with a total prize of BND870,000; 35 monthly winners with a monthly award of BND1,000 each (with a total of 420 monthly winners for 12 months).

Head of Liabilities and Wealth Management Products, Retail Banking Group Wan Hefnie bin Haji Hamidon during the press conference. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR

Five quarterly winners will win BND10,000, while one winner will be chosen to receive the grand prize of BND250,000.

Head of Products Management, Retail Banking Group Andy Yong explained that Aspirasi 2 has more interesting rewards for customers who continue to stay invested.

“For example, if the amount deposited is BND1,000, they are entitled to 20 draw entries for a period of 90-180 days.

“Their chances will double to 40 entries, if they can maintain their deposit between 181-270 days. If they stay longer up to 271 days or more, their entries will triple to 60 draw entries for the rewards.”

The minimum holding period to be eligible for the Rewards programme is 90 days, until the date of the draw and to maintain the minimum holding of BND250 for the entire duration.

Those who wish to participate in the BIBD Aspirasi series 2, must be a BIBD account holder of at least 18 years. It is open to Brunei citizens, permanent residents and expatriates, who are required to present their identity cards or passports upon registration. Customers can also use Aspirasi as part of their collateral or security for credit card and the Naqd (Overdraft) facility with a minimum of BND500 for credit card and BND3,000 for Naqd.

The first monthly draw for Aspirasi 2 will be held at the end of November, with the campaign to run until October 31, 2020.