Price of fish hike due to monsoon, COVID-19

Azlan Othman

The local price of fish has increased as fishmongers import to meet the demand amid increasing operating cost due to COVID-19 and the monsoon season, according to the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (DEPS).

DEPS, with the Department of Fisheries, visited the Gadong Fish market and Tamu Kianggeh on Wednesday, led by Acting Director-General of DEPS Hajah Latifah binti Haji Mahmud, to speak with vendors and buyers on prices and the stock of seafood supplies currently available in the markets.

According to the DEPS, the supply of locally caught fish is declining due to weather conditions due to the monsoon season increasing the risk for fishermen going out to sea. The department also found that a majority of fish on the local market are imported from
neighbouring countries.

DEPS said some of the factors leading to the increase in prices include increased cost from external suppliers, operating cost for local suppliers and the additional cost of delivery services compared to pre-COVID times.

DEPS also carried out inspections and advised vendors on the importance of displaying clear price tags as part of transparent business principles under the Price Control Order (Price Tag Display).

Officers from the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics and the Department of Fisheries speak to a local fishmonger. PHOTO: DEPS