Preparing students for the real world

Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) has pledged its commitment to prepare students for life after graduation by providing first-hand knowledge to its students, delivered by academicians with industry-backed experiences.

Faculty of Engineering Professor and Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research) at UTB Professor Dr Mohamed Hasnain Isa served three top ranking universities in India and Malaysia, and worked as a Senior Environmental Consultant in Hong Kong. He represented UTB as a member of Sea Level Rise and Waste Management Task Forces organised by the Brunei Climate Change Secretariat (BCCS).

Concerned about the environment, particularly sustainable consumption, Professor Hasnain has led numerous sustainability-related research projects on waste water treatment, sludge treatment and waste management aimed at achieving resource efficiency and thus advance sustainability through research.

He is working on research projects with postgraduate and undergraduate students on the environmental impacts of landfill leachate and its treatment.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Assistant Professor and Director of Planning and Development Office Dr Lim Tiong Hoo has over two decades of experience in industry and academia. His way of teaching focusses less on theories and more in the development of good learning practices as well as practical and analytical skills.

With background in computer science, engineering and artificial intelligence (AI), Dr Lim hopes that by imparting his AI and robotics research to his students, they will be able to enhance their readiness to face the changes brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0).

With the rapid advancement of technology, he is leading research in of e-health for diabetes, smart agriculture to increase production, and intelligence transport systems for traffic control.

ABOVE & BELOW: Professor Dr Mohamed Hasnain Isa; Dr Lim Tiong Hoo Professor Dr Ramesh Singh Kuldip Singh; and Dr Syazana binti Abdullah Lim. PHOTOS: UTB

He was awarded to conduct research with University of Virginia under the US-ASEAN Fulbright Scholar Program to look into autonomous vehicle for the mitigation of traffic congestion.

Senior Professor Dr Ramesh Singh Kuldip Singh teaches mechanical engineering and has 25 years of teaching and research experience in mechanical and materials engineering. He also supervised 78 postgraduate students and over 300 undergraduates in their final year and group design projects.

He was appointed Fellow of the Academy Sciences Malaysia, a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council UK, a Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia, a Professional Engineer with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, and a Fellow of five prominent professional societies including the Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK and the Institution of Engineers Australia.

Professor Ramesh has been organising industrial talks for mechanical engineering students since he joined UTB last year.

“These industrial seminars are delivered by engineers from various industries to provide students with first-hand experience in real industrial operations and the working environment,” he said.

Assistant Professor from the School of Applied Sciences and Mathematics Dr Syazana binti Abdullah Lim highlighted that the aesthetics of being an educator is having the opportunity to influence and be directly involved in shaping future leaders.

She believes that once the students graduate, they should be perceived as an asset to boost the food industries in Brunei at all levels as they have the correct skills, expertise and exposure.

She has been actively assisting in developing the food science and technology programme since its establishment in 2016 and building rapport with not only in-house, but overseas institutions such as Osaka University for internships.

Dr Syazana initiated several collaborations with industries and relevant organisations to come up with real-world projects. From there, students are exposed to the current needs of the industry.

According to Dr Syazana, UTB signed a number of agri-food related memoranda of understanding to encourage innovations in the hope they would have spillover effects on local business and industries.