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Pray for my father’s health and safety: Najib’s son

THE STAR – “Please pray for my father. We hope that he will be healthy and safe,” said Datuk Nizar Najib in addressing the crowd at the Umno special briefing yesterday.

The eldest son of former prime minister Najib Razak, also told the crowd that while the outcome had been expected, it was still hard for the family to accept it.

Nizar, when addressing the crowd at Umno special briefing said that while the court outcome was expected, it was still hard for the family to accept it.

“We feel as if we were kicked and slapped many times. That was how painful it was for us,” he said.

He said despite Najib being jailed, his family would have to remain strong.

“My family has to be strong and I want all of you to be strong too,” he said.

Nizar described his father as a father figure not just for him and his siblings but also to many Malaysians.

“When he was prime minister, many people came to him to ask for help. He can never say no.

“If you know my father, you know how trusting he is. But unfortunately, not all are sincere like him,” he said.

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