Prada’s everyday heroes

AP/AFP – To a fashion crowd in arena seating above surreal piazza featuring a cut-out 3D equestrian statue, Miuccia Prada presented workmanlike looks in clean neutrals with just a flash of colour for her first collection of the new decade.

Prada said she wanted to give a message to young people in an era of confusion “that the only thing that makes me calm, relaxed and optimistic is to give value to work”. And, she said, to give value to things that are durable.

Durability has become a political statement in an era when sustainability is becoming an everyday word in the luxury industry. “It is incredible that in one year it became kind of a normal thing,” to ask if a collection is sustainable, Prada said. This one included sustainable nylon and cotton, she said, promising more.

The collection fit the overall Milan trend toward formal wear, with Prada’s targeting the working man as an ideal of an everyday hero. It featured overcoats cut just a little broadly, slightly cropped or car-coat length. Geometric patterns on silk scarves peeked out of necklines.

The graphics, echoed in the geometry of the show space, burst out on knitwear with a Nordic flair. Tailored trousers were anchored under shoes with straps or tucked into knee-high leather waders.

Neckties gave another flash of colour, often in red. The collection featured few adornments, and bags were functional attaches or overnight bags.