Practise road safety, say Imams

Azlan Othman

Brunei Darussalam has seen nine road accidents involving deaths until October this year, according to the Traffic Control and Investigation Department at the Royal Brunei Police Force. Seven reportedly occurred as a result of not wearing seat belts.

These numbers were highlighted by Imams in the Friday sermon yesterday in conjunction with the United Nations-endorsed World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, observed on the third Sunday of November every year.

As of October this year, the Fire and Rescue Department received 75 calls regarding vehicles fire incidents, statistics that stress on the need for stricter vehicle inspection to detect modifications contrary to the country’s rules and laws.

The Imams added, “Islam encourages its people to always maintain and preserve the safety for themselves along with mind, life, property, and religion, which are collectively known as Maqasid Syariah. Our religion also advises its people to shun all things that can injure and bring harm to themselves by maintaining these five things.”

Among the causes that can lead to harm, loss, damage of property is a road accident which has raised concerns about the authorities in particular and the public in general.

To ensure road users’ safety, several efforts have been undertaken to prevent unwanted incidents by conducting roadblocks and vehicle inspections to detect modifications which are contrary to the rules and laws.

The Imams said the authorities have enforced the Driver Safety Practice System (SIKAP) which aims to ensure that vehicles are driven with more discipline and vigilance while complying with road rules and regulations.

“Inspections are always conducted to nab those driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, while disseminated through social and mass media to ensure drivers obey traffic regulations and laws.

“The road is a public facility. Thus, all road users must obey road and traffic regulations set by the authorities because the welfare and safety on the road are our responsibilities.

“Road users are reminded to always ensure safety while driving such as wearing seat belts, not modifying the vehicle, not using mobile phones while driving, obeying traffic signs, not exceeding speed limit, practising proper driving etiquette and inspecting vehicles before driving.

“We should always be careful. We should not let ourselves and others face the consequences due to our distraction and carelessness, especially when it involves the loss of life. Let us supplicate together. May we all avoid unwanted things and be always in the protection and blessings of Allah the Almighty,” the Imams said.