Pothole woes in residential area

I would like to bring to attention the state of the road at Simpang 51-36-39 in Menglait.

For the past six years, we have been navigating potholes – day in, day out. We have filed reports with the authorities multiple times, which have led to patch works done only for these potholes to return a few weeks later.

It is extremely frustrating having to drive on a road in such a poor state. The sub-par condition means long-term damages to our cars, especially the tyres and suspensions, forcing us to fork out substantial amount of money on a regular basis. More importantly, it poses a serious safety issue for pedestrians when cars are constantly zig-zagging to avoid potholes.

To make matter worse, the narrow road is often congested due to buses and heavy vehicles frequenting the area. In the event of an accident, it would be challenging for emergency vehicles to access the neighbourhood.

We hope the authorities would be able to provide a long-term solution to the road condition.

Concerned Menglait Residents