Postal services in line with MoH guidelines

Lyna Mohamad

The Department of Postal Services, Ministry of Transportation and InfoCommunications will continue to follow the latest update on the current situation related to COVID-19, taking into consideration of the safety of the public and postal services staff across the country.

The agency said it will continue to ensure that customer services are in line with the call made by the Ministry of Health, particularly postal services.

The public wishing to make online purchases is requested to provide the residence in Brunei as the delivery address in accordance with the information detailed at the press conference on COVID-19, updated yesterday on the delivery of mails from abroad.

The department also announced that due to the flooding caused by heavy rains in the Tutong District, causing the river to rise and disrupting several residential areas near the river, especially low-lying areas, mails to several affected villages will be affected.

Affected villages are Kampung Sulap Samat, Kampong Belunu Layong, Kampong Batang Mitus, Kampong Rambai, Kampong Benutan and Kampong Merimbun where road access is not possible for postmen and postal representatives.

The department will continue to monitor the situation in these areas and resume delivery once the water level recedes.

For information, contact the Customer Service Centre (CSC) at 238 0481 or 8711002 (WhatsApp) or email to [email protected]