Post-graduates learn about entrepreneurship

|     Hakim Hayat     |

A TOTAL of 35 post-graduates taking part in a five-day Civic Village Programme organised by the Information Department were briefed on the roles and functions of the statutory body DARe (Darussalam Enterprise) at the Design and Technology Building in Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

Assistant Officer for DARe’s Business and Services Advisory Nur ‘Iffat Nazurah binti Abdul Razak highlighted the development of local micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and shared on DARe’s objectives in monitoring and supporting entrepreneurial growth in the country so they can contribute to a dynamic and sustainable economic development.

The briefing also highlighted the prerequisites needed to achieve a more conducive business environment – the right approval processes, lower costs of setting up a business, and pro-business laws and regulations.

She highlighted the forms of assistance offered by DARe for current and start-up businesses, as well as opportunities for entrepreneurship within the community.

The participants, comprising post-graduates from local and overseas higher learning institutions, also paid a visit to the iCentre, the business innovation and incubation hub at the Anggerek Desa Technology Park, to learn more about its functions and roles.

The briefing and visit was part of this year’s first Civic Village Programme for post-graduates, organised by the Nationhood Unit of the Nationhood and Community Division of the Information Department.

The project, which began in 1976, is being implemented by the department through its working strategy of face-to-face communication, which is in line with its vision to be at the forefront of official government information.

The department also said that the programme is a means of preparing participants to be more competitive and capable of facing challenges in employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The programme, which runs until February 1, is filled with activities including briefing sessions with government agencies such as the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Internal Security Department (ISD), DARe and the Information Department.

Nur ‘Iffat Nazurah binti Abdul Razak delivering the talk
A section of the Civic Village Programme participants. – PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT