Porsche Approved Warranty ensures peace of mind, vehicle quality

Aziz Idris

Porsche Brunei introduced the Porsche Approved Warranty to provide additional peace of mind and ensure the quality of Porsche approved vehicles for Brunei customers.

The warranty service from Porsche AG offers Porsche owners coverage for up to 10 years and is valid around the world at every Porsche Centre providing the warranty, a press release stated.

The Stuttgart automaker has always been committed to manufacturing high-end
sports cars.

“Porsche Brunei is continuously enhancing the customer experience by introducing new products and services, as well as creating the best ownership experience for our customers,” said the Deputy General Manager of Porsche Brunei Lahiru De Silva.

“The greatest aspect of Porsche performance is not just in speed and handling, but also our timelessness. Porsche Approved Warranty redefines the benchmark for factory warranty in Brunei, and also significantly increases the residual value of Porsche vehicles, once again underlining our commitment to our customers,” he added.

Porsche Approved Warranty is applicable for all standard production vehicles. PHOTO: PORSCHE BRUNEI

Porsche stands not only for dynamic performance and sheer driving pleasure but also for durability and trust. Seventy per cent of all Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today, representing the significant value and quality of the vehicle.

“Porsche Approved Warranty provides the owners with a comparable level of reassurance as to our new vehicle warranty,” said De Silva.

“The introduction of this product by Porsche Brunei is another example of our efforts to offer global products from Porsche AG to our customers here,” he added.

Porsche Approved Warranty is applicable for all standard production vehicles. All vehicles applying for Porsche Approved Warranty must undergo the standard 111-Point Check at an authorised Porsche Centre to assess their condition and eligibility.

Porsche Approved Warranty includes warranty coverage for up to 10 years; selectable term between 12 and 24 months; exclusive use of Porsche Genuine Parts; 111-Point Check; validity around the world at every Porsche Centre; and coverage of all component repairs, including parts and labour.