Porch pirate steals bait box filled with cat poop

UPI – An Ontario woman fed up with package thieves said she left a box of poop on her front porch – and it was stolen within 40 minutes.

Laurie Pringle of Hamilton said she’s had several packages disappear from her front porch during the past three years, so she decided to set out a bait package filled with cat poop.

“I live on a very busy downtown street. My front door pretty much opens out onto the sidewalk. I’ve had a number of packages stolen in the three years I’ve lived here,” Pringle told Narcity.

“As a result I have a very clear label for all my Amazon packages, indicating that they should ring my video doorbell.

“A couple of the couriers that Amazon uses almost never read the label, so that results in my packages being stolen fairly often,” she said.

Pringle said the box of poop was stolen within 40 minutes of being set outside.

The homeowner said she captured the theft on video and a neighbour identified the culprit as the same person who had recently swiped a package from their porch.