Popular nasi katok vendor receives social media nod

James Kon

Nasi Katok Lily recently named ‘Toyota Brunei Instagram Followers Choice’ during Toyota’s second social media giveaway campaign, Nom Nom November.

Organised by Toyota Brunei, Nom Nom November ran from November 17-31, 2020 as part of an engagement activity on Toyota Brunei Social media platforms.

The campaign asked the public to nominate their favourite nasi katok vendor in the country, which drew in a throng of fans to participate.

Its goal was to engage with the public through digital platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, focussing on ‘Bruneian Lifestyle’.

“Toyota Brunei Instagram Followers Choice came about as a result of social engagement on our social media platform.

Marketing Representative from NBT (Brunei) Sdn Bhd presents the plaque to Nasi Katok Lily representative Lily Haryani binti Haji Mohsin. PHOTO: JAMES KON

“The concept will be part of the following social engagements featuring different interest and lifestyle of the public,” said Toyota Brunei.

Nasi Katok Lily was presented a plaque as a nod of acknowledgement for being the most popular nasi katok vendor in Brunei recently.

Nasi Katok Lily’s Lily Haryani binti Haji Mohsin received the plaque from a representative from NBT Brunei Sdn Bhd.

Lily Haryani also extended her gratitude to “our awesome customers for your amazing support.”