Popular Dusun folklore brought to life

|     Aziz Idris     |

POPULAR Dusun folklore Alai Imbun was brought to life at Brunei’s first-ever conservation theatre at Tasek Merimbun, the largest black-water lake in the country.

The two-day theatrical performance, which began last Saturday, was organised by YSEALI Academic Fellowship alumni in collaboration with 247 Studios x Play Naturally.

Over 20 local cast and crew members were involved in the production of the hour-long production.

According to the organisers, Alai Imbun is Brunei’s first-ever conservation theatre piece that highlights conservation issues such as animal cruelty and poaching. It is also a theatre piece inspired by Dusun folklores, history and culture.

Performers in action during the theatre play. – PHOTOS: AZIZ IDRIS