Politeknik Brunei levels up with new health sciences diploma course

|     James Kon     |

POLITEKNIK Brunei’s School of Health Sciences is offering a three-year Diploma in Health Sciences (Dental Hygiene and Therapy) programme.

The course will be taught with support from the Dental Services Department, Ministry of Health (MoH) to raise the image of the nursing, midwifery, paramedics and dental profession with regard to quality of service, skill, expertise and competency for the 21st Century.

Director of Politeknik Brunei Denis Ho Mun Tai revealed the latest development at the opening of the orientation week for the polytechnic’s ninth intake of 826 new students at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Berakas.

“Courses offered at Politeknik Brunei take into account the views from the industry with the aim of building and developing the social economy of the country,” Ho said.

“I am confident that Politeknik Brunei will continue to produce a useful young workforce for Brunei Darussalam. This effort is in line with the vision of Politeknik Brunei to become a well-known polytechnic which produces innovative, skilled and marketable graduates.”

Ho added that he hopes the new intake will make good use of the orientation week to familiarise themselves with the teaching and administrative system of the school.

“Since the introduction of the Level 5 Diploma in July 2015, the management through the senate has given full attention to continue to monitor the handling of the courses according to certification guidelines and existing policies,” he added. “This monitoring effort is to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is maintained at the institution.”

At present, there are 22 Level 5 Diploma courses being offered, with 13 students taking the new Diploma in Health Sciences (Dental Hygiene ad Therapy) programme. The Diploma in Business Accounting and Finance is the most popular course, with 71 students taking the programme.

ABOVE & BELOW: Director of Politeknik Brunei Denis Ho Mun Tai speaks at the event; and the oath-taking ceremony during the opening of Politeknik Brunei’s orientation week. – PHOTOS: RAHWANI ZAHARI