Policemen in Malaysia’s roadblock sexual harassment incidents identified

Farik Zolkepli

KUALA LUMPUR (THE STAR) – The policemen involved in the alleged sexual harassment incidents at two roadblocks have been identified.

Bukit Aman Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) Director Commissioner Datuk Zamri Yahya said investigations are underway.

“Our immediate action is to withdraw the policemen involved from any roadblock duty pending the investigations.

“We will investigate the matter in a transparent and thorough manner,” he said yesterday.

Police have also recorded the statements of the two women who made the allegations, he added.

“We want to get a clearer picture of what occurred. We have recorded the statements of the two women and we will be searching for more evidence connected to the incidents,” he said.

The first incident involved a woman, who claimed that a policeman had asked for her phone number when she was stopped at a roadblock. He subsequently contacted her to get to know her.

The other incident involved another woman who claimed that police personnel had allegedly inappropriately criticised her for not wearing a bra when she was stopped at a roadblock at Jalan Duta.

Both women shared their experiences and allegations on social media platforms.

Commissioner Zamri said police are also looking for other witnesses who could verify the allegations made by the complainants.

“We are following procedures in the investigation, including checking all facts.

“We are also checking if there are any recordings of the incidents,” he added.

Zamri also urged people who faced similar incidents to come forward so that police could investigate the matter and take appropriate actions.

“All police officers and personnel should remain professional. Don’t do or say anything that is beyond the official job scope,” he said.