Police shoot dead two suspects over drug case in Indonesia’s North Sumatra

JAKARTA (Xinhua) – The Indonesian police have arrested 15 suspects of a drug case and shot two of them dead, seizing 55kg of methamphetamine in North Sumatra province’s capital of Medan.

“The police were forced to take strict measures against the two suspects as they threatened the safety of police officers,” the North Sumatra Police’s Chief Inspector General Martuani Sormin said in Medan yesterday.

The 15 suspects came from two networks, Sormin said, adding that the first encompasses Aceh province, Medan and Riau province’s capital of Pekanbaru, and the second covers Aceh, Medan and East Java province’s capital of Surabaya.

In addition to methamphetamine, officers also confiscated six cars, five motorcycles and 27 cellphones, he said.

“All of them used fake identity cards and we will check the place where they made the cards,” he added.

The perpetrators will be charged with articles on narcotics with a maximum punishment of death penalty.