Police nab Italy prison escapees who promised to return

ROME (AFP) – Two inmates who escaped from a prison in Rome earlier this month, leaving guards a note promising to return, have been arrested in Tuscany, the Italian Justice Ministry said on Wednesday.

The two cousins, Davad Zukanovic, 40, and Lil Ahmetovic, 46, broke out of Rebibbia prison overnight on June 2 by scaling a wall using a water hose left in a courtyard.

But before they escaped, they left a note in their cell explaining they had personal reasons for needing to flee, the Repubblica daily said.

They were driven by “the need to protect their children from a nasty business they had got themselves into”, the daily said, paraphrasing the contents of the letter.

The inmates specified that only they could make things right as their wives were also both in jail.

At the end of the signed note, Zukanovic and Ahmetovic promised to return in about 15 days once everything was sorted out, the newspaper said.

The men were serving sentences to 2029 for non-violent crimes, including fraud and receiving stolen goods.