Police foil gambling activity at Seria house

Hakim Hayat

Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) personnel raided a house at RPN Kampong Panaga in Seria on Tuesday for suspected gambling activities.

The bust was made following a public tip-off and surveillance carried out by the Detective Unit of the Belait Police District and Panaga Police Station.

Officers found an open area in the kitchen used by gamblers to play the ‘Sam Cheong’ card games during the 8.45pm raid.

A total of 13 individuals (nine men and four women) aged between 34 to 69 were detained.

The Panaga Police Station confiscated all items used for the gambling activity, including cash.

The case is being investigated under the Common Gaming House Act Chapter 28.

ABOVE & BELOW: Acting Commanding Officer of Belait Police District Superintendent Handrie bin Haji Amin speaks to the media; and the deck of cards used to play ‘Sam Cheong.’ PHOTOS: HAKIM HAYAT