Police cripple crime gangs in Melaka, Kedah

MELAKA (BERNAMA) – A crime gang, dubbed ‘Geng Marcus’, has been crippled with the arrest of five men and a woman, all of whom have been active in a series of vehicle thefts and robberies since last November.

Melaka Tengah District Police Chief ACP Afzanizar Ahmad said the suspects, aged between 24 and 37, were detained in three separate raids in the district on January 20 and 22.

“The first arrest involved a 34-year-old man, suspected of being the gang leader and known as Marcus, at a hotel in Malacca town at 8.30pm on January 20, which led to the arrest of four other men in a house in Melaka Tengah three hours later,” he told a media conference yesterday. Following this, on January 22, police arrested another gang member, a 37-year-old woman, in a house in Tengkera at 1.30pm, Afzanizar said, adding that all six suspects were from Melaka.

He said Marcus, the mastermind, had a dozen previous criminal records involving drugs and vehicle theft cases, while the other suspects are believed to have acted as information gatherers.

Meanwhile, in Alor Setar, police crippled another active crime gang, known as ‘Geng Pon Maheran’ who had been active in vehicle theft and housebreaking cases, with the arrest of five men, including the leader in Gurun and Pendang recently.

Kota Setar District Police Chief ACP Mohd Rozi Jidin said police managed to solve 21 housebreaking and vehicle theft cases in several districts in Kedah and also in other states with the arrest of the suspects aged 24-37.

“In mid-2019, police detained three of the gang members and from there we traced the rest of them, including their leader, 37 and arrested all five between January 8 and 16,” he said. The gang worked on a modus operandi of breaking into homes before leaving with valuable items, including vehicles, which he added would normally be abandoned once they steal new ones. “That is why we found all those stolen vehicles abandoned in various districts. When asked during questioning, they blamed the owners for tempting them to steal the vehicles by keeping the keys within eye-shot,” he said, adding that all of the suspects also had previous criminal records.

Melaka Tengah District Police Chief ACP Afzanizar Ahmad shows the seized weapon used by members of ‘Geng Marcus’. PHOTO: BERNAMA