Police conduct search operation in parking areas

|     Hakim Hayat     |

A STOP and search roadblock and crime prevention operation was conducted at Jalan Stoney in the capital last Saturday night, according to the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

The operation was led by Acting Commanding Officer of Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) Central Police Station Probationary ASP Muhd Ziyad bin Abdul Rahman.

The operation focussed on the car parking areas of Kampong Tamoi, Kampong Sungai Lampai, Kampong Katok, Wisma Jaya Complex and Batu Satu.

Throughout the operation, one police warning note and three compound fines were issued to drivers found to have violated the road traffic act.

The police advised the public to always obey road and traffic regulations and always be alert while driving.