Poland orders stricter pandemic measures for Easter period

WARSAW, POLAND (AP) — Poland’s government ordered stricter pandemic measures for the two-week period surrounding Easter, describing the new rules yesterday as an attempt to limit human contacts amid a deadly surge in the coronavirus pandemic.

Details of the new restrictions — which include the closure of nursery schools, furniture stores and beauty salons — come as Poland registered a record for daily coronavirus cases for a second consecutive day.

The new restrictions take effect tomorrow and will remain in place until April 9. They come on top of other restrictions already in effect that have gradually been ramped up as infections, hospitalisations and deaths have mounted amid another surge of infections over the past several weeks.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said he knew the more severe measures come during a period when families traditionally spend time together for Easter, and it would require a sacrifice from Poles. But he said the steps are needed to save lives, jobs and a health sector approaching the limits of its capabilities.

“We are one step away from crossing the border beyond which we will not be able to properly heal our citizens,” Morawiecki said. “We will do everything to avoid such a scenario.”

Few people are to be seen in the streets as Poland reintroduced partial lockdown nationwide in Warsaw, Poland. PHOTO: AP