PNG minister says police plotting his arrest

PORT MORESBY (AFP) – Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) new reformist police minister has warned of a plot by officers to detain and possibly kill him, as a battle for control of the nation’s much-maligned police force turned ugly.

Days after firing the country’s powerful police commissioner, Brian Kramer claimed he had received intelligence reports about a plot by “high ranking officers” to have him arrested and charged.

In an unusual Facebook post on Monday, Kramer admitted that Papua New Guineans – who suffer under endemic crime and corruption – “fear and resent the police force.”

The opposition-activist-turned-minister also said his efforts to stamp out politically connected corruption and modernise the force could spell his death.

“I have no question of doubt I will eventually get killed for what I do. It goes without saying when you get in the way of those stealing billions in public funds, they will do whatever it takes to get rid of you.”