Platform for education discussions

Adib Noor

Teachers, students and school leaders are encouraged to participate, interact and discuss ways to improve and develop education online through the Ministry of Education’s (MoE) official online platform.

“On our website we have a ‘Students Lounge’, a ‘Teachers Lounge’, and a ‘School Leaders Lounge’ to promote discussion on pressing matters,” said Minister of Education Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Hamzah bin Haji Sulaiman during a press conference yesterday.

The minister said that the website also allows users to share information on how to improve the educational system.

“We hope to see more interaction among students, teachers and school leaders, and (encourage them) to be more active on our website, so the ministry can further improve the quality of education in the country,” he said.

The MoE’s official website is