PKBN instils positive values in trainees

|     Lyna Mohamad     |

THE National Service Programme (PKBN) is all about disciplining and makes its trainees realise that changes start from within and no other, said Best Male Trainee award recipient Mohd Muazzam bin A Rahman, adding that as a youth he sees PKBN’s knowledge and skills are applicable in the real world.

Speaking to the Bulletin following his passing out parade, he said, “My main motivation is that I want to surpass my own limits and make my parents proud, as they have always fully supported me on whatever I want to do, which we believe is best for me.”

Mohd Muazzam added the discipline instilled on the trainees by the instructors is relevant to what the trainees need and what they can carry on after leaving the PKBN Training Camp.

“The instructors have done a great job in ensuring that we are well-disciplined and leave the camp with pride and patriotism,” he said.

Having the interests to try new things and boost her CV in gaining more achievements triggered the interest of 19-year-old Tutong Sixth Form Centre student Nurul Farahiyah binti Haji Abdul Razak Sidi to join the PKBN.

Mohammad Aiman Azizi bin Kamal and Muazzam bin A Rahman
Nurul Farahiyah binti Haji Abdul Razak Sidi
Abdul Azim Mohamed @ Abdul Haziq bin Abdullah
Muhammad Haziq Zulfadhli bin Othman
Teo Xin Yie
Hazim bin Mastadi. – PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR

She said she learnt a lot on how to control and strengthen her physical, mental and emotional levels, enabling her to ‘bounce back’ and also taught her how to be independent and responsible.

She said, “There were challenges during the training. The most challenging was at the initial stage as I got homesick during my first and second weeks of enrolment, but it did not dampen my fighting spirit as I set my mind positively.”

Muhammad Haziq Zulfadli bin Othman overcame challenges through patience, focus and pushing the limits while always being positive.

“The values I gained from the PKBN can be applied anywhere and anytime, and I hope to be able to share the values with my family and friends,” he said. “To my fellow youth, join the PKBN as it is a good start in trying to change yourself and gain valuable experiences and knowledge.”

For Hazim bin Mastadi, the most difficult of all the challenges as a PKBN trainee was receiving the news of his father’s fatal accident, which was something hard to accept.

He added that the training did change him a lot and provided him with more exposure, particularly on discipline and activities to raise his inner strength, self-identity and being able to cope with survival situations.

He said, “I can now apply the values gained as a leader of my family. Although I still lack experience, I am ready to face the future ahead of me without doubt, and most importantly to apply problem solving techniques learnt from the programme and help motivate others to join it.”

Mohamad Aiman Azizi bin Kamal said maintaining discipline is the most important thing, and that avoiding doing mistakes helped him to receive the Overall Best Male Trainee award.

“PKBN has changed my lifestyle and helped us gain useful knowledge and skills that prepared us well, improvised our discipline and time management. I definitely will motivate my fellow family and friends to enrol as a PKBN trainee,” he said.

As for Teo Xin Yie, she joined the PKBN to gain new experience while waiting for her ‘A’ Level results. A visit by the PKBN to her college triggered her interest further to sign up as a PKBN trainee.

“During the training, I took everything positively. Even punishments I took as motivation to increase my stamina and improvise my discipline. I definitely feel a much better person and I am able to speak up in big groups, especially in discussions,” she said.

Another Best Male in Physical Training award recipient, Abdul Azim Mohamed @ Abdul Haziq bin Abdullah from Menglait Secondary School, said the PKBN not only improved their discipline but also helped change their negative attitude while challenging their mental and physical strength on a good note.