In the Pink: Border collie wins Westminster agility contest

NEW YORK (AP) – She might have looked like a black-and- white blur, but this dog is pretty in Pink.

Pink the border collie (pic below) streaked to the Westminster Kennel Club’s agility title on Saturday night with determination, dazzle and a stream of barks.

No wonder the vocals: She’s named after the singer of such pop hits as “Get the Party Started” and “Trouble.”

And no wonder the win: “She is 110 per cent all the time,” said handler Jennifer Crank, a dog agility trainer from Pickerington, Ohio.

Meanwhile, a 10-year-old border collie- and-probably- Labrador retriever mix named Moses won a special award for the top mixed-breed dog. Bounding with gusto, he outdid some purebred rivals.

“He doesn’t have papers, but he’s still a dog with four paws and a tail,” said handler Jordan York, an emergency room nurse from Evansville, Indiana.

“He’s one of those ‘show him once, and he’ll do it’” dogs, York said.

Pink’s prize extended an all-but sweep for border collies in agility’s seven years at Westminster, save for an Australian shepherd ‘s 2016 win.

The finals are set for tomorrow night. Some 325 dogs from dachshunds to Doberman pinschers took on Saturday’s serpentine agility course of jumps, ramps and other obstacles.

Top “awwws” – if no formal awards – went to competitors including Carly Rae, a poodle that puzzled over a line of weave poles, and Lobo, a lovably wayward Siberian husky.

Scores depend on both speed and accuracy, with handlers using verbal cues and body language to guide the animals.

“You have to memorise. You have to strategise … It’s a delightful challenge,” said Marcia Lyons of Seattle. She reached the finals with her Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, Liberty.