Photogrammetry adds new dimension to preserving cultural heritage

|     Daniel Lim     |

FOR two consecutive Saturdays in May this year, staff members from the Museums Department of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports attended a series of training courses in Science Photogrammetry at the Panaga School in Seria.

Entitled ‘Photogrammetry: Preserving Cultural Heritage Digitally’, the course saw the participants learning more about Photogrammetry, which is a process where 2D images can be used to create 3D digital models which can either be 3D-printed or hosted online for enhanced display and research.

The training sessions were attended by over 40 staff from various sections within the department, namely the Archaeology, Natural History and Exhibition sections.

Panaga School’s mathematics teacher Paul Creaton, whose background is in Geomatics, delivered the course.

Among the activities during the session are training on how to collect an image set suitable for 3D modelling, and the workflow for producing the digitised 3D image.

Creaton noted that the high interest in the training is a good indication of the commitment of the Museums Department staff to respect and preserve the rich heritage of Brunei Darussalam.

The museum staff members have expressed interest in further training in more advanced photogrammetric workflows, which could be the start of a digitisation programme within the department.

Panaga School’s mathematics teacher Paul Creaton in a group photo with the participants of the course. – PANAGA SCHOOL