Persistent problem of irresponsible pet ownership

The issue of irresponsible pet ownership has been a regular feature in the Opinion page. But it is a persistent problem that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

A month ago, I was in Kampong Manggis when I saw a puppy being chased off by a restaurant worker. It was a handsome pup but I didn’t think about it until last week, when I found myself in the area again. The dog was wandering aimlessly along the roadside. But unlike the healthy animal in my last encounter, it looked malnourished. What infuriated me was the thought that the young animal may have been abandoned by an irresponsible pet owner who couldn’t care for it anymore. So instead of finding a new home for the animal, the person decided that leaving it to fend for itself in a residential area seemed like a good idea.

What’s crueller than dumping unwanted pets in random spots expecting them to be rescued is having an “out of mind, out of sight” attitude, regardless of the outcome of their behaviour.

Animal Lover